DuraGraft® is a one time intraoperative vascular graft treatment that maintains endothelial function and structure, thereby reducing the incidence and complications of graft failure thereby improving clinical outcomes.

Intraoperative Graft Damage is the principal cause of vein graft disease

The durability and patency of vein grafts are significantly compromised by Vein Graft Disease (VGD):

  • The VGD process begins during the grafting surgery itself
  • VGD is the principal cause of both early (within 30 days) and intermediate/late Vein Graft Failure (VGF)
  • VGD encompasses the pathophysiological changes that occur in vein grafts following their use in surgical grafting
Vascular Graft Treatment

DuraGraft® Treatment Improves Clinical Outcomes

DuraGraft Clinical Study Summary

U.S. Retrospective Study • 2436 CABG Patients • DuraGraft Treatment vs. No Treatment

Unadjusted Analysis: 43 % ( p =<0.0001)

IPW Adjusted: 45 % ( p =<0.0001)

Reduction in Myocardial Infarction Rates

Unadjusted Analysis: 31 % ( p =0.002)

IPW Adjusted: 35 % ( p =0.037)

Reduction in Repeat Revascularization Rates

Unadjusted Analysis: 21 % ( p =<0.0001)

IPW Adjusted: 19 % ( p =0.005)

Reduction in MACE Rates

Duragraft Somahlution Product

DuraGraft Pilot Study

EU Retrospective Study • Five-year Study • 630 CABG Patients • DuraGraft Treatment vs. No Treatment

70% Reduction

Myocardial Infarction Rates

57% Reduction

Repeat Revascularization Rates

23% Reduction

All Cause Death Rates

37% Reduction

MACE Rates

Endothelial Damage, Manifested Within Minutes as Pro-inflammatory, Pro-thrombogenic, and Hyper-proliferative Changes Within the Graft, Leads to VGD

Intraoperative Graft Damage is the Principal Cause of Vein Graft Failure

As VGD progresses, vein grafts lose their ability to adapt to the post-grafting environment, leading to :

  • Thrombus formation
  • Intimal hyperplasia
  • Atherosclerosis

These may result in :

  • Graft stenosis
  • Occlusion
  • Loss of graft patency

The DuraGraft Difference

A Vascular Graft Treatment For The Prevention Of Graft Disease

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