At Somahlution, we work with medical professionals and hospitals to provide new medical technologies that not only benefit patients globally, but also help hospitals improve their quality performance ratings. In an ever increasing competitive healthcare environment in which there is a growing movement to tie reimbursement to quality performance and outcomes, medical professionals and hospitals strive to set themselves apart. Somahlution’s products can help to create that competitive advantage.

  • Vascular Graft Treatment

    Somahlution’s flagship product is called DuraGraft®. DuraGraft is a vascular graft treatment that improves clinical outcomes by reducing the incidence and complications of graft failure. DuraGraft enhances CABG outcomes by significantly reducing major cardiac events such as repeat revascularization, myocardial infarction and MACE. Reduced complications lead to lower readmissions, significantly reducing hospital costs and improving hospital performance ratings.

    Vascular Graft Treatment
  • DuraGraft® Implementation

    The implementation and use of DuraGraft is simple and does not modify current practice, thus allowing surgeons and hospitals to improve their quality of care simply and seamlessly. Somahlution understands the unique needs of medical professionals and hospitals and is committed to ensuring that they provide high-quality care through the use of products like DuraGraft.

    DuraGraft® Implementation


Healthcare is undergoing a fundamental shift. Reimbursement reforms, evolving evidence requirements and more professional purchasing processes demand medical products that deliver quantifiable value. In that sense, hospitals and providers must focus on improving quality of care while controlling costs and must select products based on their impact on clinical outcomes and overall financial impact.

DuraGraft delivers quantifiable value by treating the vein graft and enhancing clinical outcomes after CABG surgery. A large study about the use of DuraGraft in Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG) demonstrated was statistically significant lower risks for non-fatal myocardial infarction, repeat revascularization, and a composite of all major adverse cardiac events (MACE) over 12+ years of patient follow up.

For payers, this represent significant cost-savings based on avoided re-vascularization procedures that are very expensive and high-risk for the returning patients. In addition, hospitals are able to maintain quality of care and experience cost-reduction with reduction of 30-day events, which are typically not reimbursed.


DuraGraft is a medical product designed to improve the quality of care for patients while increasing clinical and economic outcomes for different healthcare stakeholders.